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EBS 260 Handjet Portable Printer - Hand Jet Printer Price

State of the Art, that is the EBS 260 Handjet Portable Printer.  Prints large stenciling characters up to 2.20 inches in height, in multiple lines of print. The ebs 260 Handjet Printer has a built-in touchscreen and connects to WiFi networks.

  • Brand:
  • EBS Handjet Printers
  • ITEM:
  • Handjet-EBS260
  • NON Interchangeable Ink Colors


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HandJet EBS 260 Brochure

EBS 260 User Manual



Handjet EBS 260 Video


The EBS 260 HandJet Portable Printer is a handheld inkjet printer that directly marks products such as concrete, currugated boxes, metal pipes, poly woven bags, wood and other raw materials, simply and quickly. Easily configure this Handjet for Handheld Inkjet Printing of Lot numbers, Pipe Heat Numbers, Dates, time and any Text. Solvent inks, perform very well when printing on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic, or glass. The EBS 260 HandJet Portable Printer is mobile, handy and easy to operate.. It comes complete with its own software and weighs approx. 2.5 pounds. 



The included Software is built into this Handjet Portable Printer is utilized to pre-configure hundreds of customized imprint messages via the touchscreen itself, or connect to the printer via a WiFi network, and run the software via the built in Web Server, using a FireFox browser. Another method for data is to copy the imprint messages to the ebs HandJet memory via the built-in USB Port.


**After Imprints are downloaded, Printing is Fully Mobile.


Optional Upgrades:

  1. Choose the optional Barcode Scan-and-Print upgrade, that upon scanning a barcode will transmit the scanned data to the HandJet EBS 260 Portable Printer's memory for printing the human-readable scanned text.
  2. Or, via WiFi copy excel database record(s) to easily create and import complex Print Messages or import a list of data with many, unique Part Number(s).




Simply place the rubber print rollers of the EBS 260 Handjet Portable Printer onto surface to be printed and press the print button. Next, start moving the printer upon the surface, inkjet printing occurs automatically. The EBS 260 Hand Jet printer adapts to the speed of the user, moving fast or slow, creates the same imprint.


**The touchscreen is on-board on the EBS250 Handjet that allows the user to easily scroll through hundreds of pre-stored imprints, preview each imptint message, allowing the user to effortlessly choose the imprint, before it is printed.



  • Ink Colors Available: Black, White, Light Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Ink Colors / Cartridges are NOT-Interchangeable
  • The Solvent based inks for the ebs 260 Ink-Jet are able to print on Non-Porous surfaces including, metal, plastic and glass
  • Prints on any absorbent surface, with the use of the standard ink cartridge.



  • Maximum Print Height: 2.20 inch
  • Maximum Print Length: up to 9.00' feet
  • Character Sizes: Extra Small .30 inch, Small .48 inch, Medium .86 and large 1.06 inch, Extra Large 2.20 inches max..
  • One, Two and Three or Four Line imprints are possible
  • Rechargeable Battery provides up to 30 Hours of operation
  • Dimensions: 8.75"(w) x 10.04"(h) x 2.90" (thick)
  • Shipping Weight: approx. 12 lbs.


  • Print Stabilizer Adapter for Pipe and Drum